Instagram Introduces Cutout Stickers

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Instagram Introduces Cutout Stickers

Now, you can get even more creative with Instagram! The new “Create a cutout sticker” option allows you to snip elements from still image posts and reuse them as stickers in your Stories and Reels.

Simply access this feature within the three-dot menu on any publicly posted still image. Instagram’s system will identify the main focus in the image, and you can save it as a unique sticker for your own content.

While this feature opens up new creative possibilities, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most of your feed is now likely video clips, making still image posts less common. To create a sticker, the post must be public, and the creator needs to allow others to create cutouts from their content, a setting that users can control in their account settings.

Additionally, if you create a cutout sticker from someone else’s post and they later delete the original, your sticker will also disappear.

Despite these limitations, this feature sparks creativity and offers new ways to use visuals in the app. The potential for unique custom stickers is significant, reminiscent of popular collage apps among younger audiences. Time will tell if this becomes a trend, but it’s certainly a consideration for your Instagram updates!

Logeswaran Vishnukanth Edited question January 23, 2024