Important of Image SEO Tips!!! You Need To Know in Every time

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Important of Image SEO Tips!!! You Need To Know in Every time

Having images on an article or page is really important for user experience. Images make content more engaging and interesting, but they also provide search engines with additional context, which is great for SEO.
Here are some top tips for ensuring your images are as SEO-friendly as possible!

✔ Write an optimized file name

By using a focus keyword-optimized filename, you’re helping to tell a search engine what your image is all about.

✔ Re-size your images

Having large images can really slow down the speed of a page, which is not great for SEO. Ensuring image sizes are as small as possible mean they load quicker, and a fast website is much more likely to rank higher in Google.

Ensure you run images through TinyJPG before uploading them to your site, and consider downloading an image optimization plug-in.

✔ Image title, alt tags & captions

Depending on your CMS, you may be able to further optimize the title, alt tags and captions for your image.

Alt tags are key to helping users and search engines understand what the image is about. Use alt text to describe the image and provide on-page content, but avoid keyword stuffing.

✔ Use unique images

Using stock photos won’t help your search rankings. Writing unique content is better for SEO, and the same concept applies to images.

Unique images are always better than generic stock photos that everyone is using.

Rajthuvan Edited question April 22, 2023