How we can confirm the backlink index status?

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How we can confirm the backlink index status?

As we all know, In the SEO part, link building is one of the ways to get ranking of the keywords. So all the backlinks need to index. if it’s an index only we can get a good result from the link-building.

From last week onwards, seriously I’m observing and do some A/B testing to index the links and identify the status of the link.

For the link indexing, I used free tools and premium tool to index (for the premium, I used free plan)

Now the question is. Through the free tools still, there are no improvements. But from the premium, I pinged the link and 3 days observed the result because they asked me to wait 3 days to index the links. after the 3 days observation, stile, the link isn’t indexed therefore I reached them via support and got the response from them.

They asked me the link so I just shared the link which I pinged to index from their tool. After that, they said to me it’s already indexed.

I wondered because daily 3 times I did check the status manually but I couldn’t see the indexed status manually. Then I thought to check the link index status with a tool. Again I wondered because it’s showing status as indexed. Please check my A/B testing result below.

Manual index status:

Tool index status:

Now I totally confused to confirm the backlink index status. Anyone have a better idea please share with me It’ll really help me to move further.

Sugesh Ahamed Changed status to publish March 10, 2022