How to use heading tags for SEO?

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How to use heading tags for SEO?

When we use heading tags for SEO, what are the key points should we focus on? And how to use heading tags for more suitable? Can someone explain to me?

Priyanka Changed status to publish June 22, 2021

Hey Priyanka,

Heading tags are very essential, but it’s a proper organization of web content. The proper heading tag will help to easily understand search engines what the content is telling exactly about your content.

If you want to know about how to use proper heading tags, please follow the below points:

  •  H1 should be on the topic of your page.
  • The H2s are related to article sections, describing the main topics you’ll cover in segments of the article. 
  • H3 – H6 tags: these are the subheading/subtitles. it should be within each section of the article, it’s maybe split up by various sub-topics.

Hope you can understand this if you want to clarify anything please ask me 🙂

Sugesh Ahamed Changed status to publish March 10, 2022
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