How to take care of Mental Health Challenges in the Workplace

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How to take care of Mental Health Challenges in the Workplace

One of the first step is improving mental health is to identify sources of stress.
According to a study conducted by scientists. some common stress triggers in the workplace include, but are not limited to :-

1.Heavy workload
2.Tight deadlines
3.pleasant less working Environment
4.Poor relationships with teammates
5.Discrimination at work

Tips to Manage Workplace Stress.The maintenance of a healthy mental state is unique to each every one.the following approaches will help people mental ailments. Take a short breaks at working Time Switching mind for focusing on non work related activities may help reduce stress and restore productivity. The activities are in here
1.Scroll on social media at free time
2.Play a game
3.Listen to music
4.Go for a walk
5.Give first priority physical/mental needs

Following good self-care practices that combine your mental and physical health being will allow you to be more alert and content while working.

1.create a regular sleep schedule
2.Eat balanced meals
3.Practice breath work/meditation
4.Stay social

These are the things that I have come to tell you. I hope these will help you

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