How to Start Keyword Research? – 10 Step Checklist

How to Start Keyword Research? – 10 Step Checklist

Business owners often think about how to create content that drives traffic. It can be simply answered by doing proper keyword research. In my point of view Keyword research is a core part of SEO optimization if it’s processed in a proper manner. Instead of starting keyword research first, we have to focus on these three checklists;

  1. Understand what’s important for the business – What goods and services are most important to grow?
  2. Identify your ideal customers and understand their painpoints.
  3. What are your product strengths?

After identifying the above, start your keyword research with these simple checklists;

  1. List down 25+ keywords/topics – Write the keywords based on customer painpoints, what benefit your product delivers to the customer
  2. Uncover the trending topics/keywords of your competitors
  3. Add additional keywords using GSC data, auto suggestions, people also ask results
  4. Analyze your keyword potential
  5. Study top-performing pages
  6. Finalize your keyword list by answering the following questions
    1. What’s the traffic potential?
    2. What’s the traffic value
    3. What’s the level of effort required
    4. What’s the intent?
    5. Does your product deliver solutions for their painpoints
  7. Its ready – create a strategy and execute

Now it’s all set to build content that drives huge traffic , let me know your way of conducting keyword research in comments.



Priska suthan Answered question October 25, 2023

Overall, your outlined process is a thorough and effective way to conduct keyword research for SEO optimization. It covers the essential aspects of understanding our audience, our business, and our competition to drive targeted and valuable traffic to our website. Thanks for sharing these insights.

Verginiya Patrick Posted new comment September 15, 2023

Just give it a try on this process, definitely you’ll observe the difference

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