How to be grateful and practice mindfulness?

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How to be grateful and practice mindfulness?


The one who practices gratitude and mindfulness will have more benefits such as more positivity and better sleeping. Being grateful and mindful can lead to a positive and fulfilling life.

To be grateful you should follow,

Gratitude journal: write down the little things that you felt thankful like a good sip of a coffee or talking with your friends this positive thing will make you a grateful person

practice being present: Being in the present and not having regrets about the past.

change your perspective: When you are facing any difficult situation change your thinking about the situation into a positive one. Don’t dwell on the hard situation, change your perspective.


 Mindfulness is a mental practice and the state of awareness, mindfulness is the human ability to be fully present and aware of where we are and what we are doing. mindfulness typically suggests a state of mind and paying attention in a particular way in the present moment.

Mindfulness can be developed in different ways, In common there are three characteristics of mindfulness,

Intention-To cultivate awareness in any situation 

Attention-To be present in the current moment

Attitude-Non-judgable and kind to others

simply When you together practice gratitude and mindfulness, you allow yourself to acknowledge the blessings in everyday life. During tough times, a gratitude and mindfulness practice may help you to lead a balanced life.

 For example, if you are not able to find a job and getting lost in your life, it can help you too:

  • Do not judge about the situation
  • you will find a positive intake from the experience
  • preventing yourself and giving a positive thought about the future
  • prepare yourself for the future outcomes

With a practice of both gratitude and mindfulness, you may find it easier to gain more control and balance over your life. 

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