How Many Types of FB Catalogue Ads Are There ?

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How Many Types of FB Catalogue Ads Are There ?

Collection Ads

Collection Ads showcase four items from your catalogue alongside a captivating hero image or video.

Users can click on these items to explore further or discover similar products.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads feature multiple images or videos that users can swipe through, each with its unique link.

You have the option to dynamically populate the carousel cards with items from your product catalogue.

Collaborative Ads

Collaborative ads are ideal if your brand partners with a merchant. They enable you to conduct direct sales campaigns by sharing a portion of the merchant’s catalogue.

This shared catalogue can be used to run Advantage+ Catalogue Ads for increased exposure and sales.

Ads with Product Tags

Create ads with product tags to spotlight specific catalogue items.

Users can click on these tags to access detailed product information and make a purchase.

Advantage+ Catalogue Ads

Formerly known as dynamic ads, Advantage+ Catalogue Ads automatically display relevant items from your product catalogue to users based on their interests and online activities.

To run these ads, you’ll need to connect your catalogue to your Meta pixel or SDK.

These ad formats empower businesses to engage with their target audience effectively, drive sales, and enhance their online presence within the Meta platform.