How is Fear being a barrier towards your growth?

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How is Fear being a barrier towards your growth?

An unpleasant emotion caused by being aware of danger is defined as fear. When our emotional reaction to something becomes worse than the moment physical and mental, we become weak towards fear. Disease tries to kill us and barrier for our success. Fear variants into three pieces,

  1. Rational Fear: Fear grows up when there is a real situation arises.
  2. Primal Fear: Some barriers take place within our brains. (Spoil our thinking capacity.
  3. Irrational Fear: This fear type differs from person to person (Logical Sense)

Sometimes fear can be healthy safeguards a person to stay safe around something that could be dangerous. Fear is also necessary sense in our life, don’t be afraid to face the challenge. We try to overcome to achieve our goals. These fears collaborate with,

  1. Physical Fear: It comes from an outside event. (Public speaking, standing in In-front of a boss to open a forum to speak out)
  2. Anxiety: The long-term stress processes. (Problems with sleeping & focusing)
  3. Fear of Uncertainty: Fear in the uncomfortable zone for any reason. (Not feeling comfortable physically or mentally and people feel stuck to achieve their goal)
  4. Fear of Failure: Fear arises from pain and peer pressure. (Continuous failure makes to feel that we are weak)

Failure and Fear are the two tools tried level best to curve a human being strong to face all challenges and barriers huge pain with our soul. Even though we try to overcome to achieve and know the meaning of what we can do and the real power of our soul. Must shift our mindset to think of failure as a positive vibe toward us, which teaches us a lesson on how to survive in our way.

Shankari Balasundaram Asked question March 17, 2023