How does digital out of home advertising work?

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How does digital out of home advertising work?

As an amateur in digital marketing.  Digital out-of-home ads now in Display & Video 360 is very new to me, So I went for the research and found some insights. Let me share what I have learned.

  • What is Digital out-of-home ads now in Display & Video 360
  • What is the future for out-of-home and digital combined?

Today’s customer journey is rarely a straight line. Consumers are constantly moving between touchpoints and channels, and brands need the right tools to keep up. Digital out-of-home is an increasingly popular option that brings the best of digital technology to a traditional advertising medium.

Digital out of home advertising is a form of advertising that uses digital screens to display ads. The screens are usually in public places such as on the side of taxis, airports, and shopping centers.

Digital out-of-home advertising is a form of marketing that can be used by companies to promote their products or services. It is also a way for advertisers to target specific audiences in public places.

The future for out-of-home and digital combined
Digital out-of-home is a marketing mix that combines digital advertising on out-of-home media with the use of mobile devices. Digital out of home ads now partner with Hivestack, Magnite, Place Exchange, Ströer SSP, VIOOH, and Vistar Media.

This method of marketing is being used by companies that want to reach people who are not in their homes or offices. The idea behind this mix is to merge physical and digital advertising in order to attract a wider audience.

The future for this type of marketing will be bright because it has an advantage over traditional ads by being able to target specific demographics and geographies with the help of data analytics.

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