How could you value yourself to achieve your dream?

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How could you value yourself to achieve your dream?

Self-value is a process of evaluating your soul and how much it’s strong how is going to be strong. Self-value is dependent on us the behavioral patterns we all follow in our day to life. Self-value is more useful that adds meaning to our self-worth. Both self-worth and self-value feed off of one another.

Self-value comes down that you feeling you are kind, compassionate, and respectful and are worthy of some things in terms of return.

But self-worth is different from self-value and a person feels that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.

Self-value is a powerful weapon that you believe in yourself, believing in your skills, capabilities, and strengths that you have. Core points help us to value ourselves.

  1. Integrity: Being honest and having strong moral principles. (Dependability, Loyalty, Honesty, Good Judgement & Respect)
  2. Respect: Treat others the way how you want to be treated by others.
  3. Responsibility: Fact of having a duty to deal with something or having control of someone. (Fact of being Accountable)
  4. Sportsmanship: Bringing out the best output in all competitions.

The overall self-value may have some unique facts that each one of us needs to know it. How to value ourself

  1. Acknowledge the inner critic: We have our ideas at hand, which often persuade us from taking that leap of faith or believing in ourselves.
  2. Receive a compliment: Able to notice if you’re quick to send that compliment back or wave your hand dismissively so as not to attract attention.
  3. Forgive yourself often: When people hurt you practice forgiveness. (Plaguing yourself with burdens that you don’t need to carry)
  4. Give attention to your dreams: Your dreams are your deepest desires and wishes. (you’re feeding your soul and heart in a way that is spiritually and emotionally fulfilling) Empowering yourself to believe that you are worthy of your dream.

Conclusions: Self-value is a basic core fact to realize the real power of our soul. We can value the strength, responsibility, respect, and Integrity that we are having within us and how we are showing those within our surrounding sphere! We are the masters of our own life, no one cannot stand for us, success or failure in the end we are the ones for us. Need to be standalone. Self-worth & self-value are fed off of one another. Self-value comes from the behavioral patterns of our life, and how those behaviors add meaning to our self-worth. Love, honesty, peace, respect, responsibilities, tolerance, unity, simplicity, most of everything comes from how we are valuing our own life.

Shankari Balasundaram Asked question April 18, 2023