Highlight of Google I/O Developer Conference 2023

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Highlight of Google I/O Developer Conference 2023

The much-anticipated Google I/O 2023 conference has come to an end, leaving tech enthusiasts buzzing with excitement about the groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) showcased during the event.

Generative AI has been buzzing with anticipation, and Google has just taken it to an entirely new level. Google announced a number of exciting new AI-powered features for Google products and platforms at their Google I/O developer conference last Wednesday.

  1. Bard Get Smarter
  2. Workspace
  3. Search
  4. Magic Editor and Magic Compose
  5. Google Maps
  6. Sidekick
  7. MusicLM
  8. Find My Device
  9. PaLM2
  10. Pixel fold
  11. Pixel 7a
  12. Pixel Tablet
  13. Universal translator
  14. Wear OS 4
  15. Playstore

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