Hacks to Optimize Your Website Architecture

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Hacks to Optimize Your Website Architecture

You all know the feeling when we get lost; not knowing where we are and what could happen next. Well, the same your visitors feel when they visit a messy website.  The architecture of a website is the most crucial part of developing a website. In today’s fast-paced world we all have few seconds to impress visitors, and with poor site architecture. you’re guaranteed to increase bounce rates. It is crucial to have proper website architecture that helps the users to navigate smoothly and to find what they want. A well-organized and well-structured website architecture can help you improve user experience, search engine optimization, and overall website performance. Here are some hacks to structure your website for users,

  1. Map out your taxonomy
  2. Organize and restructure existing content
  3. Create an intuitive menu
  4. Use a simple URL structure
  5. Use smart internal linking
  6. Create a Sitemap
  7. Check for keyword cannibalization

With the robust website architecture strategy you can increase the dwell time of visitors which leads to increased conversions and ROI.

Verginiya Patrick Asked question February 20, 2023