Google’s Top 3 Tips for checking Technical SEO Problems

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Google’s Top 3 Tips for checking Technical SEO Problems

Are you facing technical SEO challenges?

Google suggests three essential tips to troubleshoot and enhance your website’s performance:

  • Index Status: Ensure your pages are indexed and indexable by search engines. Use tools to verify if Google has properly crawled and indexed your content.
  • Duplicate Content Check: Examine your website for duplicate content issues and identify canonical pages. Google emphasizes the importance of maintaining unique and valuable content.
  • HTML Review: Dive into the rendered HTML of your pages to identify and resolve any code-related issues. Google encourages webmasters to ensure clean and well-structured code for optimal search engine visibility.

By following these tips, you can proactively address technical SEO concerns, enhancing your site’s visibility and user experience.

Mathushika Mathanakumar Asked question January 1, 2024

Optimize SEO by ensuring pages are indexed, resolving duplicate content, and reviewing HTML for clean code. Can you tell what additional steps can improve website performance and search engine visibility?

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