Google Released 12 Non Cost Trainings On Generative Ai

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Google Released 12 Non Cost Trainings On Generative Ai

As you are all aware Generative AI has been the most buzzing topic for this year so to make your learning Google is offering your Free Learning Kit this Holiday Season. Make this December more productive with these short courses. These courses are free of cost, here is the list of courses to give a try;

Foundations – No need for any prior technical knowledge

1) Generative AI Explained – It is a 60 sec you will be learning about a high-level description of What is Generative AI?

2) Introduction to Generative AI – It is a 22-minute course comprised of Video, reading material, and a quiz on the fundamentals of AI and Google Cloud tools. At the end of this course, you will gain knowledge on developing your own gen AI apps.

3) Introduction to Large Language Models – This is a 30-minute course through this course you’ll have a foundational understanding of large language models (LLMs), use cases, and how you can use prompt tuning to enhance LLM performance.

4) Generative AI Fundamentals Skill Badge – You will get a shareable Google Cloud Skill Badge on completing of three foundational course followup with a quiz.

5) What is Generative AI Studio?  – It’s a short video course on how you can use Generative AI studio. Anyone can try this even you don’t need any prior knowledge of coding.

6) Introduction to Generative AI Studio – This is also a short video course where you will learn about generative AI studio’s features, options and uses in a product demo format.

7) Introduction to Image Generation – This video course outlines about diffusion models (Machine learning models that can be used in image generation)

8) Introduction to Responsible AI – This video outlines an overview of responsible AI and how Google implements responsible AI into Google products.

9) Responsible AI: Applying AI Principles with Google Cloud – In this course, you will learn how to operationalize responsible AI in your organization.

Technical Courses – Its for application developer, database engineer, integration engineer, or security engineer

1) The Arcade – You will Get hands-on knowledge in the Google Cloud environment in addition you’ll accumulate points to earn Google Cloud swag.

2) Gen AI Bootcamp – Gen AI Bootcamp is a series of workshops available on-demand. You’ll progress from foundational to advanced topics. Practitioners can follow start-to-finish and experienced Gen AI developers can jump straight into the more advanced sessions.

3) What is Codey? Learn in 60 seconds – With this course you will learn how to write code, even for beginners. It only takes a minute to find out how.

If you have started these courses, please share your feedback on the comment section on how those courses help you to boost your learning. Your comments can motivate others to follow.

Verginiya Patrick Edited question December 12, 2023

It’s a great news! Thanks for sharing it. These free, short courses are designed for all levels of learners.

Abirika Soolabanee Answered question December 8, 2023
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