Google Launches Gemini Powered AI Conversational Tool to Work with Search Ads

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Google Launches Gemini Powered AI Conversational Tool to Work with Search Ads

Hey Marketing Enthusiasts, did you hear about the latest update by Google on integrating their Advanced AI model Gemini with Google Ads? Google Announced on Jan 23rd 2024, Β that Gemini, its family of multimodal large language models, now powers the conversational experience within the Google Ads platform. Gemini-Powered Conversational Tool helps advertisers quickly build and scale Search campaigns

Say goodbyeΒ to the days of tedious campaign setups! With Google’s Gemini-powered tool, advertisers now have the power to swiftly and effortlessly scale their search campaigns. It helps to create better ad campaigns with less work.

The beta access to conversational experience in Google Ads is currently available to US and UK advertisers in the English language. And they reported that it will begin rolling out globally to all English-language advertisers over the next few weeks. The conversational experience workflow has been crafted to enhance your Search campaigns by employing a chat-based approach. To kickstart with this, all you need to start is your website URL and Google AI will guide you in crafting optimized Search campaigns. From generating relevant ad content to suggesting creatives and keywords, Google AI streamlines the process for you.

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I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this integration of AI with Search ads. As marketers, how do you perceive this new innovation? Do you believe it will streamline your advertising efforts and improve campaign performance? Share your insights and experiences!

Verginiya Patrick Asked question January 25, 2024