Google is About to Launch The Helpful Content Update!

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Google is About to Launch The Helpful Content Update!

Next Week Google is about to launch a new search algorithm update named “Helpful Content Update”. The purpose of this search ranking algorithm update is to boost content written for people and devalue content written for search engines.

Helpful Content Update is a sitewide algorithm update means it has the potential to impact all pages on your website. Also, for this update, Google is going to use machine learning to identify unhelpful content.

The Types of Websites That Will Get More Impact

  • Online Educational Sites
  • Arts & Entertainment Sites
  • Shopping Sites
  • Tech-Related Sites


Facts About Helpful Content Update

  1. The Helpful Content Update process is automated by machine learning technology
  2. This search algorithm update will promote content written by people for people
  3. Due to the update’s weighted ranking signal some websites will see more impacts than others.
  4. As of now the update will be targeted at English searches but will be applied to more languages in the near future.

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Abirika Soolabanee Changed status to publish August 22, 2022