Google Introduces New Search Features In Europe

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Google Introduces New Search Features In Europe

Today I noticed an update that Google is rolling out new search features for Europe to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). As Google prioritizes in improving users experience with rich and relevant information for their searches and improving the visibility of ecosystem participants they are rolling out new search features across European Economica Area. This is a part of Google’s initiative to comply with European Union’s Digital Markets Act.

Let’s see the highlights of the rollout

  • Introducing carousel-style rich results for queries related to travel, local services, and shopping. This feature allows users to scroll horizontally through tiles where they can find additional information like prices, ratings, and images. Meantime they are testing  carousel for shopping queries in Germany, France, Czechia, and the UK.
  • The next feature is they implement direct links to content from aggregator websites (place, job, flight and product websites) in top search results and also adding refinement chips that allow searchers to narrow down results to specific types of content.
  • They are also testing new feature related to Flight Searches; this exclusive feature enables to displays airline website results in a separate unit, allowing users to find flight details more easily.

Google introduced this new feature due to the legal obligation in EEA. Lets Know your thoughts in the comment section regarding these new features, share about how you feel excited.

Sahana Posted new comment May 9, 2024

Dear Verginiya Patrick,

Thanks for sharing this update on Google’s new search features in Europe! It’s definitely interesting to see how they’re adapting to comply with the Digital Markets Act and prioritize user experience. Sounds like a positive step for users and competition!


Verginiya Patrick,

Thank you for keeping us informed and prioritizing the user experience with these new search features in Europe. Excited to see how they enhance our online searches while ensuring compliance with regulations.

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