Google Introduces New Desktop Search Design

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Google Introduces New Desktop Search Design

As a part of enhancing user’s experience, in 2022 Google updated its mobile search results to make it users easy to find the websites listed in search results. Now this update has been rollout the desktop version. This new design will help users to find the websites easily in the search results and ads.

What’s New?

  • The new update includes favicons and site names in the desktop search results – Adding the site name on desktop search results helps users to identify the website related to the web page link and to make the results more visible, google will automatically adjust the size and shape of favicons that show up in the search results. Moreover, it also applies to search ads to make them more transparent and clear.

  • Clear Labeling of Ads – Clear labeling of ads will help to differentiate the organic search results from the paid results. The bold text “Sponsored” will appear in the top left corner of the results which distinct it from other organic results.
  • Adding site names to the search results – Google automatically generates the site name based on the website content and it’s impossible to manually change the site name. But adding proper structured data can help to improve the accuracy of showing the site name in the search results.

Google releases these kinds of continuous updates to enhance the user experience and provide the exact information that the user search for.

If you don’t know about this update, check the search results and comment your experience below in the comment box

Verginiya Patrick Asked question March 11, 2023