Google Introduces Image Creation Capability in Bard Chatbot and Enhances Visual Generation Models

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Google Introduces Image Creation Capability in Bard Chatbot and Enhances Visual Generation Models

Google has a variety of names for its generative AI products, and it might be a bit confusing. To break it down: Bard is like Google’s ChatGPT; Gemini is their large language model group, similar to GPT; and Imagen is their AI image generation system.

In simpler terms, Google is enhancing its Bard chatbot by incorporating advanced AI models for better responses and adding image generation capabilities using Imagen. The goal is to make Bard more powerful and versatile.

Google has been cautious in developing generative AI, emphasizing the need for a slow deployment to prevent misuse. Today, they’re taking steps to improve Bard’s system thinking and image creation. Google Maps is getting conversational queries powered by AI for better place discovery, and Imagen 2, the next stage of its visual creation system, is being introduced to enhance image generation tools.

Imagen 2 is trained on higher-quality image-description pairings, producing more detailed and realistic images. Google emphasizes safeguards to limit problematic outputs, including a digital watermark, SynthID, developed by Google DeepMind, to identify images without being visible to the human eye.

Despite the recent AI image controversies, Google is committed to refining its AI tools, aiming for safer and more reliable solutions. While OpenAI’s tools are currently leading, Google’s cautious approach and extensive resources may play a significant role in the evolving generative AI landscape.

The introduction of Gemini Pro in Bard and Imagen 2 across various Google platforms provides users with more options. Google’s measured approach aims to protect its core search business and stay competitive in the evolving AI market.

These tools offer interesting possibilities and are worth exploring, with Google indicating ongoing improvements. Gemini Pro is now available in Bard, and Imagen 2 is accessible across Bard, ImageFX, SGE, and Vertex AI.

Logeswaran Vishnukanth Asked question February 5, 2024