Google has changed Image Search desktop design

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Google has changed Image Search desktop design

Google is now rolling out the new image search design for desktop. It announced by company’s 20th anniversary

Google made the easy way to know the image detail and get more related images as well. captions are affecting the search results. So you will want to make sure the title tag on the page is relevant and descriptive of the image.

Google changed these following things

  • Image thumbnails now have captions below the images in the search results.
  • The URL of the image source is now also listed below the image thumbnail.
  • New image-based filters are now added to the top of the search results page.
  • The mobile image search design changed the colour of the green bubble filters to white bubble filters.
  • New Creator and Credit metadata support has been added to image search.

If you want to more detail, you can get it here

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