Google: Fix Technical Issues Before Chasing The ‘Next Big Thing’!

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Google: Fix Technical Issues Before Chasing The ‘Next Big Thing’!

How many of you know that Google’s Search Relations team advises focusing on high-quality, helpful content and technical SEO fundamentals before chasing SEO trends?

I’m in. What about you guys? Get to know what is that.

Google’s Search Off The Record podcast team recently reminded everyone to get the basics right first in search engine optimization (SEO), where the attention typically swings toward the newest trends and complex approaches.

The two main points highlighted in this conversation are by the Google Search Relations team.

Fist one is that they recommended mastering the basics of technical SEO, Technical SEO fundamentals must be mastered before advancing to more complex strategies.  Second, the quality of content and user engagement are more crucial than rather than just its traffic volume.

They suggested that concentrating on these areas can greatly enhance website’s SEO performance.

Verginiya Patrick Answered question November 23, 2023

Nigetha, couldnt agree more. Yes we all run behind the new SEO trends but it’s essential to focus on technical SEO, content quality and user engagement. Thanks for the headup!

Nigetha Rajah Posted new comment November 24, 2023

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment!

Yes, Vergi, Absolutely, keeping the fundamentals strong is key for long-term success. Technical SEO, content quality, and user engagement lay the foundation. Exciting times are ahead for SEO!

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