Google Broad Core Algorithm Update August 2023

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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update August 2023

Google launched the August Broad Core Algorithm 2023 on the 22nd of August. Google said it will take around two weeks to complete. Google continuously launching algorithms to improve the search results and enhance the user experience.

What Should You Do? Β 

  • If you see a decline in your website performance soon after the core update and drop in your rankings may not signal anything is wrong with your site structure or content it may be due to the adjustments made by the core update. Focus on improving your website quality than fixing the technical issues.
  • Google said that we can see a bit of a recovery between core updates but the huge change would be after another core update.

Hints to focus on improving your search performance after the core update

Focus on the pages that are not performing well for a long period, and look into the terms that drive people to these pages. These insights will help you to improve your content that searchers prefer.o

Google releases these core updates to ensure that overall, we deliver relevant and authoritative content to searchers. So keep an eye on your rankings and analytics to see the change after the rollout.

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