Google April 2023 Reviews Update Focuses Heavily On Experience!

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Google April 2023 Reviews Update Focuses Heavily On Experience!

Hello Guys!

How many of you heard about Google April 2023 Reviews update? If not let me give you the short update about that.

On April 12, 2023, Google released the Google April 2023 Reviews Update, which places a significant emphasis on the signals of experience in product reviews. This update is part of Google’s Reviews System Algorithm, one of many algorithms that make up Google’s Algorithm. To provide direction to content creators, Google also released a new Google Search Central documentation detailing the kind of content that Google’s Reviews System Algorithm may be looking for.

The new documentation highlights the Double-E-EA-T content quality paradigm, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and now Experience. This means that the content should demonstrate evidence of experience, which goes beyond simply adding phrases like “in my experience” or “my hands-on analysis” to reviews. Instead, publishers are encouraged to use signals of experience, such as

  1. Visual evidence
  2. Audio
  3. Links to evidence of experience
  4. Quantitative measurements to demonstrate that the product has been handled, tested, used, and measured.

For instance, visual evidence refers to original photos of the product being reviewed instead of stock photographs, while quantitative measurements involve taking performance measurements of the product. Although Google did not provide examples of what audio or visual experience may be, it is suggested that it may be appropriate for certain products where demonstrating how quiet or noisy they are is important.

The April 2023 Reviews System Update affects various languages, including

  1. Dutch
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Indonesian
  6. Italian
  7. Polish
  8. Portuguese
  9. Russian
  10. Spanish
  11. Vietnamese

While low-quality reviews may still rank in the absence of higher-quality reviews, this does not mean the Reviews System is not working. It may merely reflect the quality of product reviews available. However, content creators can go the extra mile by providing actual evidence of experience to counter competitors using fake signals of experience.

In summary, the Google April 2023 Reviews Update underscores the importance of signals of experience in product reviews. Content creators are encouraged to demonstrate evidence of experience using visual evidence, audio, links to evidence of experience, and quantitative measurements to provide better-quality reviews. While this update affects several languages, it may only benefit content creators who prioritize quality content in their product reviews.

Verginiya Patrick Answered question April 19, 2023

Thanks Nigetha for sharing this, it seems they update the product review system continuously because on February 2023 Google rolls out the new sixth product review update where the new term “β€œProduct Reviews System”Β was introduced. On their last update Β the algorithm flush the thin content and shows more authentic, well-researched, and insightful reviews based on actual experience.

So when we observe the continuous updates I’m sure google is optimizing the user experience and they wants to show the real and useful results to the users.

Nigetha Rajah Edited comment May 2, 2023

Yes, Vergi,

As a business owner or marketer, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest updates from Google and adapt your strategy accordingly. With the recent update to the product review system, it’s clear that Google is placing a greater emphasis on authentic and insightful reviews based on actual experience.

Nigetha, April 2023 Reviews Update Is Officially Over, it has run until 11:24 AM PDT on April 25, 2023. And more website owners has faced drops after the update. It seems that experience key to doing well with the reviews ranking system.