Google Analytics Reports to Measure SEO Campaign in 2024

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Google Analytics Reports to Measure SEO Campaign in 2024

Hey Folks,

You all have running SEO Campaigns for your clients but you might be not sure how to measure the success of your campaign. Here are some essential GA4 reports you can use to Measure the success of your SEO Campaigns in 2024

Traffic Acquisition Report – Help you to understand where visitors are coming from before landing on the site.

Conversion Reports – Helps to track the events that led a visitor to a conversion made on the website.

Google Search Console Reports – It’s vital for SEO Pros, similar as UA you can integrate GSC with GA4. It Provides you a comprehensive understanding of landing pages and your website’s visibility in Google’s search results.

Landing Page Reports – This report help you to identify high-performing pages that are attracting organic visitors and optimize other pages accordingly.

Remember, these reports are your compass in the vast world of SEO analytics. Regularly analyze and iterate your strategy based on these insights to ensure you’re maximizing your online presence.

Verginiya Patrick Asked question January 23, 2024