Google Analytics Reports for PPC Marketers

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Google Analytics Reports for PPC Marketers

Here I have shared 5 Google Analytics reports that every PPC marketer needs to know to make strategic decisions. These reports will help marketers to;

  • Diversify the Keyword selection for PPC campaign
  • Identify the top of funnel statistics to determine the budgets
  • Analyze and expand audience segments in PPC campaigns.

5 Reports that every PPC marketer should know;

  1. Interests Segment ReportReports > User > Demographic details
  2. Site Search ReportReports > Engagement > Events
  3. Referrals ReportReports > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition
  4. Top Conversion Paths ReportAdvertising > Attribution > Conversion paths
  5. Geo-Location ReportReports > User > User Attributes > Demographic details.

Are you a PPC marketer don’t miss to check out these reports to measure the campaign perfromance

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