Google Analytics 4 & AdSense Integration – Latest Release

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Google Analytics 4 & AdSense Integration – Latest Release

Google recently announces the integration of GA4 properties with AdSense accounts.

Google announced, “Users may now establish links between Google Analytics 4 properties and AdSense accounts.”

When linking your Adsense with GA4, it allows the AdSense data to be available in the GA4 reports and explorations. By combining AdSense data with other website metrics, such as traffic sources and user behaviour, you can gain deeper insights and identify patterns that can help you to optimize your ad revenue.
How to Setup GA4 with Adsense
Follow the steps below to link an Analytics property to your AdSense account:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Click on Account > Access and authorization > Google Analytics integration.
  • Click +New Link.
  • Select the property that you want to link from the list.
  • Click Create link.

Its all ready! Your property is now linked to AdSense. Keep in mind, it may take up to 24 hours for your Google Analytics account to start showing data.

Once all set you will be able to see your AdSense data in GA4. Your AdSense revenue data will be available in the Monetization > Publisher ads reports and the Explorations main menu in your Google Analytics 4 property.

Try out this new feature, let me know your thoughts in comment!

Verginiya Patrick Asked question June 16, 2023