Galaxy S24’s AI Game Changer: Circle, Translate, Craft – Features You’ll Love

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Galaxy S24’s AI Game Changer: Circle, Translate, Craft – Features You’ll Love

Discover the latest features in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, set to launch on Jan 31. One standout is the introduction of Galaxy AI, powered by generative AI, which brings a range of innovative functionalities to your fingertips.

πŸ“Έ Photo-Editing Magic: Galaxy AI transforms photo editing with features like Generative Edit, allowing you to move, resize, and erase objects effortlessly. Think Google’s Magic Edit, but with a unique touch, making on-the-fly edits accessible to all.

πŸ”„ Circle to Search: A game-changer for shoppers! Circle an object on your screen, and voilaβ€”launch a Google search instantly. Perfect for finding recipes or exploring nearby restaurants.

🌐 Global Connections: Chat Assist introduces chat translation, Writing Style, and spelling an& Grammar features in the Messages app. Chat translation makes conversations in different languages seamless and real-time.

πŸŽ₯ Instant Slow-Mo: Preview any video clip in slow motion by pressing and holding the screen. It adds a fun element to your videos, even though saving them in slow motion could be more straightforward.

πŸ’¬ Live Translate: Making international calls? Live Translate in the native phone app can translate calls on both ends in real time. A useful tool for travelers and multi-language communicators.

While not every Galaxy AI feature may seem immediately useful, gems like Circle to Search and Chat Translation show the promising potential behind the hype. These features will be available on all three Galaxy S24 phones, launching soon.

Logeswaran Vishnukanth Asked question February 1, 2024