Functional Team vs Cross-Functional Team!

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Functional Team vs Cross-Functional Team!

Good day to you all!

Today I’m choosing one of the most important topics that I learned in the morning, Functional Teams and Cross-Functional Teams.

It is an interesting topic that I learned, If we work in a team we may heard about Functional Teams and Cross-Functional Teams, but sometimes we are not aware of the exact meaning and differences between those two.

Let’s talk about that one by one.

 1. Functional teams

Do you know the meaning of functional Teams?

This means, a group of people who have the same skills, and expertise in the industry, or a department. let’s go dig deeper

Every organization will have various teams to achieve their common goals, accordingly as an organization may have different teams such as a digital marketing team, design team, finance team and development team that are functional teams. and they are usually organized by a manager who delegates their tasks to each team and oversees their entire performance. meantime the manager can easily leverage their speciality, skills, and knowledge, follow the standard hierarchy, and go proceed with the functions which cerelized within the organization. This can be an advantage of the Functional team.

 2. Cross-functional teams

Let’s talk about the A cross-functional team means, It means a group of people who are multi-talented and come from different backgrounds, and roles and have different skill sets.

When it comes to Cross-functional teams, the organization may have a Sales team, project team, and customer service team separately and it’s specifically formed for specific purposes, end of the day the department going to produce the result. for example, the lead member going to communicates with team members and if they are facing any issues, he/she is going to solves their problems and create a frameworks and increase the sales and generate move value on behalf of the specific team this will make profit from the particular team and they are eligible to get more benefits comparing other departments. the main advantage is we can foster new innovation, improve the collaboration, and manage diversity.

Let’s hear from others to discuss this further.

Anuckshana Ganeshamoorthy Answered question August 24, 2023

Yes, Nigetha, Teams are a way for an organization to gather input from members and provide members of the organization with a sense of participation in the pursuit of organizational goals. There are also some other kinds of teams with unique features,

  • Self managed teams
  • Project team
  • Task force team
  •  Problem Solving teams
  • Informal Teams
  • Leadership Teams
Verginiya Patrick Answered question August 23, 2023
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