Free Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords

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Free Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Finding the perfect long-tail keywords is one of the key to SEO success. Here are some of the Free Tools For Finding Long-Tail Keywords:

  1. Google Trends: Tracks search volume trends and related topics, great for identifying rising trends and understanding user interest.
  2. AnswerThePublic: Generates “question” and “comparison” long-tails based on your seed keyword, ideal for content brainstorming and understanding user intent.
  3. Ubersuggest: Offers keyword suggestions, competition analysis, and related searches, good for initial research and quick ideas.
  4. Keywords Everywhere: Free browser extension, that displays search volume, competition, and CPC directly on SERPs, useful for on-the-go analysis and competitor research.
  5. Google Autocomplete: simple but effective, use Google search suggestions to discover related long-tail keywords.

The best tool depends on your needs. When choosing, consider factors like budget, desired features, keyword volume, and competition.

Keerthiga Ganeswaran Answered question January 20, 2024

Hey Ajenthini,
Depending on our specific needs can help us to make an informed decision for selecting the free tools for the long-tail keywords, Thanks for sharing more about the free tools.

Sangeerthana Balasubramaniyam Answered question January 19, 2024
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