Elon Musk Launches ‘Grok’: A Revolutionary Chatbot Taking on ChatGPT!

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Elon Musk Launches ‘Grok’: A Revolutionary Chatbot Taking on ChatGPT!

Elon Musk’s company, X, is now joining the race in generative AI with their new chatbot called “Grok.” Currently, it’s in limited testing and is slated for a broader release soon, specifically for X Premium+ subscribers.

Last week, X introduced its Premium+ tier, available for $16 a month. This subscription grants access to all premium features and removes ads from your timeline.Now, what sets Grok apart from other AI chatbots like ChatGPT? The key difference lies in Elon’s vision for it. He wants Grok to be less restrictive in handling potentially sensitive topics, describing it as “anti-woke.” Elon has criticized ChatGPT for what he perceives as over-censorship on certain subjects. To address this concern, he initiated his own AI project to represent his version of “truth” more accurately. How does Grok achieve this? Elon believes it will be a more reliable source of real-time news thanks to its data feed from X. The updated user agreement allows Grok to use people’s posts to enhance its knowledge base.

Additionally, X is actively limiting access to its API for other generative AI projects, notably OpenAI, due to personal issues between Musk and the organization. As a result, Grok, along with X’s other AI projects, will have exclusive access to X’s extensive information resources. In theory, this should be a significant advantage.

However, it’s worth noting that X has been experiencing a decline in its status as a primary platform for news discussions. This is largely due to Musk’s alterations to the app, which include updates intended to challenge “mainstream” news outlets. Consequently, many journalists have migrated to alternative platforms. This shift is noteworthy because even though X boasts 244 million daily active users, a large majority of them are passive, engaging only in “read only” mode. This means that out of the 100 million unique posts generated daily, only 49 million users contribute. On average, active posters on X make about two posts a day, excluding replies (which amount to another 100 million per day). In reality, the number is even lower.

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