Do you know how Ahrefs Measure your website data?

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Do you know how Ahrefs Measure your website data?

Mostly peoples know, Ahrefs is one of the high review backlinks checker tool. But some of them only know they are under control process.

As we know, the Aherfs is providing huge indexed backlinks data. And also they are providing some extra insight into our websites. I have some questions here and ask it form your self and score it your knowledge.

01 – What is URL + Domain ratings and how it’s working?
02 – How they are measuring the Aherf ranks?
03 – Live & Fresh index
04 – What is Organic search traffic?

Just answer these questions from your point and let you know how their measuring and providing data regarding our websites. They shared their own measuring methods in the below-mentioned blog. I shared the link here for your advance information. Please go through it and change or create a new strategy to make the high score for your websites.

Visit here: Ahrefs’ SEO Metrics

Thanks 🙂

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