Do You Know? Google Uses AI To Detect Fake Online Reviews Faster!

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Do You Know? Google Uses AI To Detect Fake Online Reviews Faster!

Hey team,

I would like to share this information that I’ve learned from the search engine journal.

Google is using smart technology to find and block fake online reviews quickly. This helps local businesses because fake reviews can hurt them. Google’s new system checks patterns in reviews over time. It looks for things like the same review on different pages or sudden, big changes in ratings.

This new system is good for businesses in three ways:

  • Faster Detection: It finds suspicious reviews quickly, protecting businesses from fake reviews.
  • More Accuracy: It is better to know if a review is fake, so businesses can trust their online ratings.
  • Scam Protection: It catches fake reviews and bigger plans to post fake reviews, helping businesses stay safe.

With the new system, businesses can enjoy faster detection of suspicious reviews, increased accuracy in identifying fakes, and a reliable defense against scam reviews. Get to know this!

Sahana Answered question February 18, 2024

This is great news for local businesses! Google’s use of smart technology to detect and block fake online reviews swiftly is a game-changer. Faster detection means better protection for businesses against harmful fake reviews, while increased accuracy ensures trust in online ratings. Kudos to Google for stepping up to combat this issue and provide businesses with a more secure online presence.

Logeswaran Vishnukanth Answered question February 16, 2024
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