Have You Heard about Zero-Click Content?

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Have You Heard about Zero-Click Content?

As an amateur in the digital marketing industry, Zero-Click Content is very new to me. So I went for the research and found some insights. Let me share some hints on what I have learned.

The concept of zero-click content came from the fact that people have become more used to scrolling through pages and pages of articles without clicking on anything. This is because of the way mobile devices work, with their small screens, mobile devices make it difficult for people to scroll and find what they are looking for.

Therefore, nowadays companies are using zero-click content to make their websites more user-friendly and engaging. Zero-Click Content is content that offers valuable insights or simply engaging material with no need to click. So, Zero-Click Content keeps people on the website pages instead of sending them away.

Zero-Click Content is a new form of marketing that includes “content” in the form of a headline, image, or description.

The best things to include in your Zero-Click Content are:

  • A compelling headline that is relevant and catchy
  • A great image that grabs your audience’s attention
  • An informative description of what the visitor can expect when they click on the link
  • Give one complete, compelling idea in 200 words, 2 minutes, or less.
  • Summarize the heart of your concept in bullet points.
  • Tap into emotion and lead with the rant that sparked your bigger idea.


Zero-Click content is uncomfortable but it’s worth it. It can boost your website page engagements, and impress people more, so, they will think that your website contains worthy content, article, and blogs.

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To get more insights please refer to the link here: Zero-Click Content

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