DA, PA and DR for SEO

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DA, PA and DR for SEO

Domain Authority

Moz has created a powerful metric known as Domain Authority, designed specifically to boost SEO and predict a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranging from 0 to 100, the DA score directly correlates with the likelihood of ranking well on the SERPs. If your website receives a low DA score, it may struggle to appear prominently on the results pages.

Page Authority

Moz has developed a unique metric called Page Authority, which predicts the ranking potential of an individual webpage on the SERPs. While similar to Domain Authority, which assesses entire domains, PA zooms in on specific pages. The scores, ranging from 0 to 100, indicate the likelihood of a high ranking on the SERPs. Higher scores correlate with a greater chance of ranking well, while lower scores hint at a lower ranking.

Domain Rating

DR, an SEO metric exclusive to Ahrefs, is widely used in the SEO world to measure the potential of link building and determine the level of authority gained through backlinks. On a logarithmic scale ranging from 0 to 100, the score indicates the robustness of a website’s backlink profile, with higher numbers representing greater strength.

Nigetha Rajah Answered question November 7, 2023