Classification of Keywords – Discover Where Your Keywords Belongs To.

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Classification of Keywords – Discover Where Your Keywords Belongs To.

Discover Where Your Keywords Belong To.

Keywords are the most important aspect when it comes to searching and finding content online. They’re the primary indicators of specific content that is uploaded to the web. While finding applicable keywords for the content people may misunderstand that every keyword they get from the seed keywords can be used in the content and it’ll generate traffic. They don’t actually care about the intent of their content. This is the foremost thing that has to consider while creating content using keywords.


The phrase intent means the purpose which is a considerable reason why you should add that particular keyword to that content. These intent-based keywords can act as an isolated target for users online. They’ll determine whether your content is useful for them or not via these intents you added to your content.


Types of Keywords.

There are most commonly agreed upon four types of keywords there in SEO. Informational, Navigational, Commercial, and Transactional. Let’s brief them.

  • Informational Keywords: These are used to answer a specific query by the searcher. Informative & educative content should contain these types of keywords. For instance – what is SEO, iPhone 14 price, Everest height?
  • Navigational Keywords: To redirect the searcher to a specific site or page these keywords are the best. Company & brand names perform as a navigational search. For instance – Nike, Twitter, Costa coffee
  • Commercial Keywords: Reveals the searcher’s concern among some specific products or services. When they want to know more about a particular product or service these types of keywords will help them to identify it. The searcher may want to update the market amenities or want to compare features and prices, or even look for offers and discounts. Those keywords can be implemented by comparing articles, product lists, how-to, and reviews. For instance: Apple vs Samsung, Best SEO package for beginners, Offer a sale.
  • Transactional Keywords: Immediate action to buy something triggered and led by these keywords. These can be targeted with market pages, online stores, and services. For instance: Buy shoes online, uber taxi near me, Hairdryer for sale. Queries based on these would be followed by someone who has already made the decision to buy something.


Before attaching your researched keyword to the content, classify all of them according to the above types and then choose which one is best for which content. Targeted keywords in targeted content not only fascinates more traffic but also elevates the conversion rate in some scenario.

Apart from those types have you been using any other types? If yes then reply to me with that info.

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