Boost Your Efficiency with Google’s Bard: 10 Time-Saving Prompts for AI Assistance

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Boost Your Efficiency with Google’s Bard: 10 Time-Saving Prompts for AI Assistance

Do you know ChatGPT has been surpassed by Bard.

Google’s AI chatbot is now 10x more capable. Nowadays most of the people use ChatGPT and Bard and Let’s talk about Google’s Bard.

Here are 10 time-saving prompts you can only ask Bard (but not ChatGPT):

Google’s Bard has many capabilities not available on OpenAI’s ChatGPT:

• Real-time internet access
• Extensive app plugins
• Code explanations
• and much more

As a result, you can give Bard powerful prompts that wouldn’t work on ChatGPT.

Here are 10 that’ll save you time:

1. Automating Repetitive Tasks


“I regularly perform these tasks: [insert tasks].

Identify which of these tasks can be automated and suggest tools or methods for automation.”

2. Business Competitor Analysis


“Analyze the online presence of [insert business competitor].

What strategies are they using that seem to be effective?”

3. Industry-Specific Learning


“I want to stay updated about [insert industry].

Find the latest articles, research papers, and resources about this industry and summarize the key points.”

4. Project Research


“I’m starting a project on [insert topic].

Could you compile a list of the most recent articles, papers, and resources about this topic?”

5. Content Creation


“I need to write a blog post about [insert topic].

Could you draft an outline for me based on the most popular articles on this topic?”

6. Productivity Tool Recommendations


“Based on the latest AI updates, suggest some tools or strategies I could use to be more efficient at work.”

7. Coding Assistance

Prompt: “Explain the code at this link: [insert URL].

How could we adapt this for our project about [insert project description]?”

8. Business Book Insights


“Find and summarize the key insights from the top-rated business books this year related to [insert specific business topic].”

9. Skill Development Path


“I want to improve my skills in [insert skill].

Could you find the best-rated online courses, tutorials, or resources for learning this skill?

Also, suggest a learning path for the same.”

10. Time Management Techniques


“Research the latest time management techniques and suggest the ones most suitable for my role as [insert job role].”

If anyone wanted to add anything extra please comment below 🙂

Verginiya Patrick Answered question May 26, 2023

Nigetha, do you think that Bard has override chatgpt?

Verginiya Patrick Answered question May 26, 2023