Are you a T- Shaped marketer?

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Are you a T- Shaped marketer?

The best way to develop a portfolio as a T-shaped marketer is to fully focus on develope your technical skills first, and then gradually build out your tactical skillset over time. It will allow you to become an expert in the specific area.

Once you become a great T-Shaped Marketer, then you can plan to focus on V-Shaped.

Another term that’s used is “Full stack Digital marketer”. I noticed there are agencies and HR executives use this title on their LinkedIn profile but unfortunately did not seem to attract the highly relevant candidates.. I hope “T-Shaped Marketer” is the right term when we hire the relevant person to your organization.

Who are not aware of this concept, check this out this inforgraphic which is designed by semrush!

Nigetha Rajah Changed status to publish August 15, 2022