9 Toxic work place behaviors we need to stop normalizing

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9 Toxic work place behaviors we need to stop normalizing

Employers in the modern workplace are demanding quick replies, micromanaging, microteaching, prioritizing overtime, and overlooking traditional benefits in favor of surface-level advantages, which creates issues.

*Employers expecting staff to be working and available at all times.
of the day and work.
2.Micro management
*Staff are being constantly overlooked and time managed.
3.Working overtime
*Overtime has become part of what is required to gain recognition.
*Employers expecting staff to drop everything they are doing and respond
instantly to requests.
*Working without breaks.
6.Gender stereotypes
*Stereotyping feelings or actions according to an outdated list of traits.
*Replacing and substituting benefits with pointless perks.
*Employers expecting staff to drop everything and anything to archive results.
*Viewing performative business as a status symbol.

These practices in the modern workplace raise critical concerns, emphasizing the need for a balanced and healthy work environment that values employee well-being and long-term success.

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