5 Way to Get 100 Leads In 7 Days

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5 Way to Get 100 Leads In 7 Days

In marketing filed, lead magnets are an best method for acquiring a prospect’s contact information. All lead magnet contents are not the same. A good lead magnet should focus on audience needs.

01. Make a lead magnet 

  1. Combine 5-10 carousels into one awesome lead magnet book.
  2. Promote on your feed and stories

02. Start a facebook group

  1. Create a group around your niche
  2. Friend people from other groups
  3. Message them and invite them in

03. High jack other audiences

  1. Post into Facebook groups that allow prospecting
  2. Collab and promote a lead magnet

04. Start a challenge

  1. Make a 7-day challenge around a quick, but important, win for your prospects
  2. Promote it on your feed and stories

05. Way to Get 

  1. DM everyone in your IG DM contacts
  2. Email your list with your lead magnet
  3. Boost a post with your CTA at the end

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Rajthuvan Asked question August 17, 2023