5 Types Of Marketing Strategy Need In 2024!

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5 Types Of Marketing Strategy Need In 2024!

Hey all,

Do you have any idea about marketing strategies?

In the marketing realm, having a well-defined marketing strategy is essential for business and stay ahead of the competition. The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to achieve and communicate a sustainable competitive advantage over rival companies. I’d like to mention the five types of marketing strategies here.

  1. Content Marketing Strategy: This strategy refers to keeping the audience’s interest. we can use all types of content like videos, blogs, and social media posts.
  2. Local Marketing Strategy: These tricks can be conducting events, or joining community stuff. It’s aimed at people who are in your surroundings.
  3. Affiliate Marketing Strategy: This involves partnering with businesses to promote products in exchange for a commission on sales generated through their referrals.
  4. Social Media Marketing Strategy:Β Using platforms like Facebook or Instagram to talk about the products or services and connect with your audience is in this strategy.
  5. SEO Strategy: It means optimizing a website’s content, structure, and technical aspects.

In simple terms, when businesses use a mix of these strategies, they can connect well with their audience, build community relationships, increase sales through partnerships, boost their online presence, and, in the end, get ahead of their competition in the market.

Mathushika Mathanakumar Answered question February 1, 2024

Hi Ajenthini!
I would like to answer your question.
In my perspective, SEO Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are most valuable tactics in business realm. SEO ensures visibility, social media marketing fosters community, and content marketing establishes our brand as a valuable resource. By doing self learning one by one, you can get better clarifications.


It’s great that you’ve outlined these essential marketing strategies. Combining these strategies creates a holistic marketing approach that addresses different aspects of customer engagement and business growth. Also, having a well-rounded approach that incorporates various tactics is indeed key to achieving success in the competitive business landscape.

Abirika Soolabanee Answered question January 29, 2024
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