4 Secret Hacks to get into Featured Snippet

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4 Secret Hacks to get into Featured Snippet

If you’re looking to up your game in the world of competition and show in the featured snippet here are 4 ingredients that will get your site into the featured snippet position which will help you to earn clicks and impressions.

What is Featured Snippet?

Featured Snippets are short snippets of text that appear at the top of Google’s search results in order to quickly answer a searcher’s query. Mostly they are in the form of Videos, list, table, paragraph and etc.

Want to know what are the secret hacks to get into featured? Here you go

  • Great content – I cannot stress the importance of great content enough. When you think you’ve written great content, ask yourself: what more can I do here? If you’ve got the resources to create videos, infographics, images, gifs etc, do it. The more useful you are to your readers, the better the chance of a featured snippet.
  • Long-form, thoughtful pieces – This is an extension of great content, but generally, I have that long-form content performs better when it comes to locking in featured snippets. The reason why long-form performs better is that the featured snippet is the top rank on Google, not only that but you get more space at the top of SERPs, often headings as bullet points, images or a snippet from your article like the picture below. Google is giving you a real gift putting your website up top so it wants to be sharing the most useful articles only. That means your page is doing everything everyone else is on page one – and more.
  • Topical authority – You might get lucky and pinch a featured snippet without it but your best chance of getting that sought-after position is through E-E-A-T. Google is beyond looking at pages in isolation so get the rest of your content up to scratch.
  • Internal linking – When you’ve got a solid content architecture with high-value pieces you need to be linking topically related content pieces.Don’t overthink it, just consider your user and their natural journey throughout your site. Use inline links to related blogs, have a related content section at the bottom of pages, link tofu/mofu content to BoFu content.

The above are the 4 simple hooks to be in featured, there are also other ways to get into featured, if you know what they are please start commenting in the comment box

Verginiya Patrick Asked question April 17, 2023