12 Technical Terms In SEO!

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12 Technical Terms In SEO!

In the realm of Search engine optimization (SEO), there are several important terms that are used for the core process involved in improving website performance on Search engines. Here I have mentioned those kinds of terms and short definitions.

  1. Crawling: Process of search engine scanning web pages.
  2. Indexing: Storing web pages in a search engine database.
  3. Cloaking: Showing different kinds of content to search engines and users to manipulate rankings.
  4. Rich snippets: Search results that display additional information.
  5. Crawl budget: Number of pages a search engine will crawl on a website.
  6. LSI Keywords: Keywords related to the main keyword.
  7. 301 Redirect: A permanent redirection from one URL to another.
  8. Canonical URL: The preferred version of a URL when there are multiple variations of the same content.
  9. Schema: Code that provides structured data to search engines.
  10. SERP: Results page that appears after you search for something.
  11. Do Follow Link: A link that passes authority to the target Link
  12. Robot txt: A file that instructs search engine crawlers.

Each phrase has a specific role to play in the complex process of improving internet visibility and user experience.

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