04 Major Types of Paid Marketing

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04 Major Types of Paid Marketing

04 Major Types of Paid Marketing

Paid marketing or Digital advertising can be one of the most effective ways to target a potential customer base. From search to social media channels, there are many types of paid marketing.

Here are 4 main types to start with:

  1. Paid search marketing
    This tactic can shoot your brand to the top of the search results of potential customers.
    Pro tip:
    Use location-based bidding to target people in your business area.
  2. Paid social media marketing
    Allocating some marketing spend to social media ad campaigns is a must in today’s market.

    Pro tip:
    Posting and promoting content on social media consistently is a secret to pushing your message to the right audience.

  3. Display Marketing
    These kinds of ads are banners and scrolling text boxes that are found nearly everywhere on the internet.
    Pro tip:
    Make sure your display ads have a clear call to action to encourage the viewer to click
  4. Influencer marketing

    With this method, brands leverage people who have a high volume of social media followers to promote their products.

With these 4 major types of paid marketing strategies, you’ll be well on your way to seeing your business grow.

Nigetha Rajah Posted new comment August 23, 2023

To be frank, I’m not specialized in the PPC and it’s really crucial for the digital marketers and who are in the beginning stage to learn about paid marketing, I hope your tips will help for them.