What is Time blocking ?

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What is Time blocking ?

The shorter way to do many things is to only do one thing at a time” – Mozart

I am a to-do list guy; who list out all task to a list and completes as much as possible for a day. Eventually, most of those ended up rescheduling. When I was wondering about how can I stop this and what is a more productive approach I found another method to manage time called “Time blocking”.

Time blocking is a time management method that asks you to divide your day into blocks of time. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task, or group of tasks, and only those specific tasks.

It’s a to-do list but with allocated time for each task just like our school timetables. I found it pretty cool and wanted to share it up… here you go.

Abirika Soolabanee Answered question February 16, 2022

Thanks for introducing this Time Blocking method Saadh! Usually, I create a Priority To-Do list then set time limits and deadlines to finish the tasks. Somehow this method helps me to finish 75% to 80% of the tasks. I hope my task planning somehow align with this Time Blocking method. I’ll implement this method more effectively to increase my performance and productivity.

Saadh Jawwadh Posted new comment February 17, 2022

Wow! Give it a peak and I hope it might increase your productivity for sure!

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