📣 SEO Going to be change in 2024 Is it true Lets Talk😐

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📣 SEO Going to be change in 2024 Is it true Lets Talk😐

search engines will release more spam and useful content updates in 2024 to try and weed out low-value content.Users will likely shy away from generic and AI-written content in 2024, so while this content might generate traffic, we will see this content genre start to generate fewer clicks and conversions. . In 2024, readjust your SEO strategy towards human-centered search.

Mordy Oberstein, Head of SEO Brand at Wix has also predicted a focus on helpful content with a more human-centered approach. He’s presented the idea of ‘situational content’ being an important strategy in 2024.

in New SEO

01. Write the quality content that’s helpful for the user

02. Search Engine Deliver Personalized Results, Soo Understanding User Intend Is Essential

03. Multimedia content (video, Podcast)is increasingly important.

04. UX is Crucial for higher-ranking

05. Local SEO Gained Significance Optimizing for Local Searches.

06. Seo Strategies now optimize for voice search and conversational queries.

07. Frequent Updates (review, HCU, BERT) Prioritize user experience and penalize low-quality content

08. Swot Analyze competitors to find their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

09. Response 1 post across newsletter, videos, and social media

10.Focus on Authoritative backlinks

11. Focus On quality first, make it as long or as short as necessary

12. Develop topical authority to establish expertise in your niche

13. The mobile user base increasing

14. The website must be blazing fast for a good user experience

15. Focus on Business-relevant Long Tail Keywords.

16. Update and improve existing content first

17.Creat content that helps buyers at each stage of the journey

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