What are the different kinds of Decision-making styles & how will affect your carrier?

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What are the different kinds of Decision-making styles & how will affect your carrier?

Life is about choices and decisions to lead the happiest life we expected. The choices you make impact those around you and their choices can come back to change your world. Our choices are the most important thing we have in life. Types of decision making

  1. Command (Part of the ordering Technique): Provides the quickest solutions with little information.
  2. Consult: Gathering information from others but only allowing one individual to make the final decisions.
  3. Vote: Everyone is included for or against the decision.
  4. Consensus: Many individuals with various thoughts & inspirations reach a consensus.

When making decisions, you should have an uncomfortable idea about your chosen path, (If your decision-making process makes you feel comfortable then you don’t get a try to overcome barriers) Never allows you to think in a wide range. Once an individual can think in a wide range it creates a path to diagnosis the problems, good and bad feedback related to the decision that we made. (Endeavor to depict the idea of judgment you should make)

Decision-making has an impact on your professional and personal if you make a healthy decision will give you good results and make you feel comfortable zone. Unfortunately, it may be a negative way that will be a barrier for your entire process.

  1. Decision with your Education field.
  2. Decision with what passion is willing to?
  3. What is your carrier path?
  4. What is your goal need to achieve?
  5. Decision with your marriage process?
  6. Decision with you where you are going to settle down
  7. What is your life goal?

These are some layouts where we need to take decisions for our survival. Without having a goal there is no meaning in your life. Personal and Professional are the two sides of a magnet. Keeping active separately will impact highly with your life. Once you enter your professional world you need to remove and keep your layer of thinking outside the door of the Professional Gate. If you are spending 6-8 hours per day carrying out your work mind and body need to occupy only with that specified task oriented. Then it will be easy to achieve your professional goal in a successful way. If your professional path is clear and well makes an individual shine in their way, but if you fail to keep both (Professional & Personal) will damage your whole world, and it will consume more time frames to back them in a track. A man without Professional Pressure is able to carry out their personal life in the happiest environment. So mentally they are out of pressure finally every day becomes a cheerful invitation to feel it as excellent.

Conclusion: Personal & Professional both are the two-face side of a magnet they both never met at a single point, each one of them is different from each angle, how need to take over, what needs to be needed, which is the top priority for both, what should do or what shouldn’t do, how to maintain, how they are showing their impact with an individual life journey. If you are clear both are different from each other then your journey and success will be achievable without any barriers.

Mathushika Mathanakumar Answered question April 16, 2023

Thanks for sharing your insights. this is important to recognize our own decision-making style and understand its strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, we can learn to adapt our style to different situations and make more effective decisions in our careers.

Mathushika Mathanakumar Answered question April 16, 2023

Thanks for sharing a great post on decision-making styles, I would like to share another set of decision-making styles which are characterized by either a task or social focus and a high or low tolerance for ambiguity. They are,

  1. Analytical
  2. Behavioural
  3. Conceptual
  4. Directive
Verginiya Patrick Answered question April 10, 2023